SoundCloud Promotion is a smart service that offers to increase targeted followers, comments, plays, sales and downloads in your SoundCloud account. Try it now!

The SoundCloud Promotional Service offers Artists, DJ’s, Singers and Managers a simple, cost-effective way to reach targeted followers, sales, comments, plays and downloads on SoundCloud.




Our Packages!

It's Legal?

Our service is absolutely legal, and we attract real followers/users, not fake ones like some other company offer. We target like-minded users who are interested in your new tracks, releases and sets.

This means that each new user we will follow, will receive a notification from you, saying that you have followed him or her. In return, these users will check out your profile, follow you back, play, comment, and download your music.

By increasing your visibility on SoundCloud, you also improve your chances of getting noticed by records labels, club owners and talent scouts, who might all be looking for the next big catch. Many of our clients have signed records deals, DJ gigs, or simply found new collaboration partners after using our services.

Artists that generate a lot of honest consistent feedbacks and traffic to their profiles are the ones who stand out from the crowd.

This advantage is what makes our Soundcloud Promotional Service so unique.

It's Legal?

Step one:
Choose one of the promotional packages that suits you best and click the order button. You can pay via PayPal with Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Step two:
Make the payment and follow our instructions via e-mail.

Step three:
When we receive the payment along with the required information, the processing period will begin within the next 24 hours.

Step four: All the next exchanges of information and contact will follow via e-mail or phone. One of our operators will always be available for you.


It's Legal?


These are a series of recommendations that you can do, to improve the success of your account, combined with our work.

1 Sign in to your SoundCloud account. Explore new music or people by hovering over the "Tracks" or "People" tabs and selecting "Explore Tracks" or "Explore People," respectively. Browse for songs that fit your musical tastes or look for people who produce a sound that intrigues you.

2 Click the "Follow" button on any SoundCloud profile that you want to start following. The musicians are notified that you are following them. If they have a similar interest in you, they will return the favor by following you back. This is one of the easiest ways to build up your followers on SoundCloud or almost any social network.

3 Hover over the "You" tab on the top of any page and select "Your Public Profile." Click the "Share" button and select to which social network to broadcast your SoundCloud profile. Some of the available share options include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress.

4 Share your newly uploaded tracks with your social networks. If you aren't automatically asked to share after you upload a track, hover over the "You" tab and select "Tracks." Go to the track you want to share and click the "Share" button to the left of the music player controls.

5 Share your music sets with your social networks. The process is the same as sharing a single track, but instead hover over the "You" tab and select "Sets." The "Share" button is located at the upper left of the music player on the first track. A set is a playlist of your own music.

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